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Shocking EU conspiracy to inform allergy sufferers

December 15, 2014 5:44 PM
By Paola Buonadonna in European Influence

The shocking EU conspiracy to inform allergy sufferers by Paola Buonadonna


I suffer from Coeliac disease, which means gluten is like poison to me. And the crafty little protein, which is found in wheat as well as spelt, barley and rye, hides just about everywhere - from packaged food to freshly cooked sauces.

Now, as every other allergy sufferer I know, I positively relish the thrill of never knowing whether something I'm about put in my mouth might or might not make me horrendously sick several hours later/block my airways in a matter of seconds/bring me out in red welts (tick as applies).

Modern life being so dull and all, we have to take our thrills where we can: playing Russian roulette with the food in your plate in the middle of a crowded restaurant is the perfect start to a fun week-end in everybody's book.

So, naturally, the dastardly EU just had to butt in once again to spoil all the fun.

Never tired of dictating to businesses about 'elf'n'safety', often at the cost of literally hundreds of pounds, the Brussels busybodies have already come up with all manners of labels on the food items you buy in supermarkets.

But as we warned you about some time ago that wasn't enough, for the cheerless, know-it-all, fat-cat eurocrats - supported by UK officials and ministers - not by a long shot.

As from tomorrow, a new DIKTAT comes in place forcing restaurants to give allergy information on the dishes in their menus, at the cost of literally tens of pounds, not to mention several good undertakers' jobs.

You call it 'information', I call it 'decadent Continental propaganda' messieurs, merci very much!

Why should grown ups be treated like children and told what they can or cannot eat? And since when has a little vomiting or asphyxia done anyone any harm? I mean we're British, darn it, are we not?

Enough is enough. People should send a pigeon, a letter, a telegram or - for the more dashingly modern among you - even an email to the Sun and the Daily Mail to ask them to resume their glorious campaign against the Euronutters who'd have us eat safely at the expense of restaurant chains' profit margins.

This lunacy MUST stop.