Green policies : Sin tax on meat, welcome recession, legalise terrorist membership, Queen in Council House, confiscate wealth, abolish OFSTED,

January 24, 2015 7:11 PM
In The Times, The Spectator

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett tells the Times (24th January 2015) that in government its policies would include

* Abolish immigration controls

* Amnesty for illegal immigrants

* More taxes on imports

* Fund political parties out of taxes

* Meat to be hit by "sin taxes"

* Abolish the monarchy

* Decriminalise membership of terrorist organisations

* Wealth taxes enforced by confiscation powers

* Preventing parents passing their wealth to their children

* Abolish OFSTED and the National Curriculum

* £280 billion giveaway funded by more taxes

* All defences to be thrown away

* Free condoms for all

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