Help keep blocking snoopers' charter by signing on line petition, urges Lib Dem MP

February 12, 2015 9:13 PM

It's been nearly two years since the Liberal Democrats blocked David Cameron's so-called Snoopers' Charter, but he still hasn't given up.

Since then he has tried to re-introduce the Charter to monitor the actions of British citizens who aren't accused of committing a crime.

Without Liberal Democrats in government to block the Snoopers' Charter the government would be forcing people to keep track of this email, along with everything you and I send. Without us in government again there's a good chance the Tories would be trying hard to end encryption online.

Add your name if you want to a digital bill of rights that protects your privacy online.

Our fight with the Tories over digital rights and the Snoopers' Charter has shown one thing: that Britain desperately needs a digital bill of rights, and that the Tories aren't willing to give us one. Without basic protections for our online activities the government can walk over our civil liberties whenever a threat looms on the horizon.

If the Tories win this election in May they will introduce the so-called Snoopers' Charter that we blocked. Labour have been blaming the Tories for not passing the legislation fast enough. We'll continue to block it and fight for reform - but only if we're in the next government.

That's why I need you to join our campaign today. Liberal Democrat MPs are the only pro-privacy party that will deliver a digital bill of rights for British citizens and block the Snoopers' Charter.

Your support will mean we can continue to create a stronger economy and a fairer society that embraces the Internet, not tries to stifle its existence. Please join the campaign today:

Thank you in anticipation for your support.

Julian Huppert MP