20 reasons why over 12,000 people have just joined the Liberal Democrats www.libdems.org.uk/join

May 11, 2015 10:20 AM

As the membership of Newcastle Liberal Democrats has soared by 20% since the General Election, here are 20 reasons people have put on-line for joining

  • Tonight, I joined @LibDems. Pro-UK, pro-EU, civil liberties, PR, decentralised power, social justice. Easy decision.
  • For a long time I have been trying to find a good party with good values that I can believe. I think that Party is the Lib Dems
  • So enthused by the @LibDems fightback, can't wait to help with the rebuild and getting the message out there
  • Because I believe in a fair, progressive & mature approach to politics, offering freedom & choice to all.
  • I've joined @LibDems to fight for my beliefs: equality, freedom & prosperity for all
  • I've just become a party member for the first time. Get involved to see UK improve
  • I joined the @LibDems because the UK needs a liberal voice now more than ever. The #LibDemFightback is only just beginning.
  • Joined @LibDems because I believe in a fair, inclusive & socially responsible country. Excited to be part of such a positive #fightback
  • I joined the @LibDems before #GE2015 because they are a people's party, not a machine or a club. And because of #democracy #FairVotesNow
  • A fiscally responsible, aspirational, pro-business, pro-EU party with a strong social safety net and action on climate change.
  • Because I want a fair, strong country... also I don't want to lose my human rights
  • Joined the party last night. Treated very unfairly in coalition and sad to see decline of liberalism is UK politics
  • I just joined @LibDems - our country needs a strong liberal voice for decency, equality and fairer society whilst protecting the vulnerable
  • I joined the Inclusive club not the exclusive clubs hope over fear
  • Have voted Lib Dem (and incarnations such as SDP) for 30 years. Joined for 1st time today after watching Tim Farron on YouTube. (Editor's note ; Other leadership candidates may be available!)
  • Because I don't want the UK to be an isolated, out of touch, parochial country.
  • Because of fairer taxes, investment in education, pay rises for public sector workers & fair votes.
  • I joined to take back the centre ground for compassionate economics and a fairer society for all
  • I joined because I believe in the politics of hope, not the politics of fear
  • Because the LibDems believe that we need less division, not more. Liberalism needed now more than ever.

You can also join the Liberal Democrats through the website www.newcastle-libdems.org.uk - see bottom of left hand column. We look forward to meeting our new friends!