EU bulletin 17th December 2015 Better law-making, aircraft tracking, terrorism financing

December 17, 2015 1:04 PM

The EU and another 23 members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have completed a trade deal that eliminates custom duties on more than 200 high-tech products, The European Commission has announced. The deal, initiated by the EU, extends the 1996 Information Technology Agreement (ITA) to cover €1.3 trillion in global trade. This makes it the biggest tariff-cutting deal in the World Trade Organization in almost two decades. See the Commission's press release here:

The European Parliament has issued a press release on the agreement reached on Wednesday on better law-making. EU laws must be as simple and clear as possible to ensure that citizens can easily understand their rights and obligations and focus on areas where the EU has the greatest added value for its citizens. See the release here:

The European Commission adopted on Wednesday (16 December) new rules to improve the tracking and location of an aircraft in distress anywhere in the world. See EurActiv's report here:

Ukraine is "ready to pay the price" for a trade deal with the European Union, President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday (16 December), after Moscow moved to restrict its own trade ties with Kyiv over the accord that is due to take effect on 1 January, according to EurActiv. See the report here:

In the absence of better cooperation from Washington, France wants European countries to set up their own system to track terrorism finance, according to EurActiv. See the report here:

Courtesy of European Movement in the North East. The bulletin will return after Christmas