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What does it mean to be a Liberal Democrat?

December 31, 2015 1:41 PM
Freedom - Liberty is a vital component that shapes all of our policies. Freedoms to do as you wish, as long as you do not harm others. Freedoms from poverty, violence and ignorance. The state's role, at its minimum, is to ensure these freedoms. Ensuring that everyone has access to education, food, shelter and warmth. That you are free from the manipulation, coercion or abuse of individuals or corporations. Although Liberal Democrats may disagree on how to achieve these freedoms the fact they are the primary target of our policies should be unifying, even if sometimes we disagree on the details.
Equality - Tied to, and intertwined with our championing of liberty is our dedication to equality of opportunity. That no matter who you are you are treated equally and according to your needs. That you are free to live up to your potential and you have a equal chance to anyone else to do whatever you want to do. By making no one a slave to poverty or ignorance we help support this drive for equality - but in addition we remain vigilant against discrimination according to race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, wealth or any other factor a part of identity or circumstance. Everyone must have equality before law, government and society.
Liberalism protects you when you're vulnerable and supports you when you're strong. Liberalism protects you from harm, and helps you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.
Yes, there are challenges ahead finding the best way forward to achieve our aims. But, for now, we'll championing loudly and publicly those values support. There are many fights against illiberalism in Britain to be fought.
With thanks to Tristan Grey and Wendy Taylor