EU bulletin 5th January 2016 Immigration boosts German economy

January 5, 2016 5:26 PM

Immigration is helping to push German employment levels to a record high, according to official statistics reported by EurActiv. See the full report here:…/immigration-helps-push-german-emp…

The launch of another campaign backing Brexit, Grassroots Out, as reported in the Daily Mail (…/New-group-mobilise-Brexit-vote… ) is a reminder that those of us who want Britain to stay in the EU need to get our act together. In fact there are already more than two dozen pro-EU organisations and movements in the UK catering for people with a very wide range of interests and across the political spectrum. A very useful list has been circulated by one of them - Scientists for EU. See it here: Why not get in touch and do your bit?
The 'Grassroots' supporters quoted in the Mail are three MPs and Nigel Farage.