US unhappy at EU tax clampdown on their businesses EU Bulletin 12th February 2016

February 12, 2016 12:50 PM

Eurozone finance chiefs downplayed fears over European banks after the sector lost almost 10 percent on the market in recent days, reports EUobserver…[T]hey insisted that the rules adopted since the start of the financial crisis were sufficient protection against the risk of sell-offs or destabilisation:

US authorities accused EU regulators of "disproportionately" targeting US firms in their broader efforts to crack down on corporate tax evasion, EUobserver reports. The EU Commission denies any bias against US firms:

Researchers from the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) are developing tools to monitor the Zika virus, as it is highly likely that it will reach Southern Europe, according to the group, EurActiv reports:

A lack of national funding has held back the French energy transition. But the Juncker Plan has stepped in to plug the investment gap, according to the French General Commissioner for Investment, EurActiv France reports:

The Internet is becoming a growing market for the sale of illegal drugs, the EU's drug watchdog (EMCDDA) warned on Thursday (11 February), according to EurActiv:

CCAB, the forum for accountancy bodies in the UK and Ireland, is calling on businesses to engage with the debate on EU reform, and ensure they are aware of the information and resources to inform their understanding of the role of the European Union, and how its relationship with business could become more effective, according to a press release reproduced by EurActiv:

Romania's prime minister sacked the head of the tax authority and his deputy on Thursday (11 September), a day after anti-corruption prosecutors said they were being investigated as part of a wider probe into alleged misappropriation of European funds, EurActiv reports: