Gosforth eFocus - Boundary reviews

February 13, 2016 2:26 PM

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review in Newcastle. After representations by the Labour party, it has reversed its provisional finding and now has recommended that Newcastle should continue to have 78 councillors. It is now seeking views about what the pattern of electoral wards should be in the city, which are aimed to equalise the size of the wards into the 2020's. Their consultation runs until 4 April 2016.

Newcastle Liberal Democrats wanted a reduction to 60 councillors to save at least £200,000 a year, but this has been rejected.

You can see the draft proposals at www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk (including maps) and in the details below for those changes affecting parts of Gosforth, and there are drop in sessions at Trinity Church on 22nd February from 10am to noon and 3pm to 7pm.

If you would like to have your say, including what you think they should be called, please complete a survey relating to each proposed ward you would like to comment on at www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk or by emailing us.


This proposed ward is partially bounded by the city boundary with North Tyneside to the north and east. From the north east corner, the boundary runs south down Benton Road (A188). It heads down the back of the properties starting at 311 Benton Road (not included in this ward) and continues south between the residential properties on Corchester Walk (not included) and government buildings (included) until it meets with Cumberland Walk. At this point, the boundary continues north-west to include the government buildings and exclude the residential streets including Teviotdale Gardens, Teesdale Gardens, Patterdale Gardens. The boundary runs down Cleveland Gardens and Newton Road to join the Coast Road. The boundary runs west along the Coast Road (A1058) to Jesmond Dene. From here, the boundary runs north up Jesmond Dene (included) and continues along Jesmond Dene Road (A189) until it meets the Great North Road (B1318). The boundary runs north along the Great North Road. The boundary turns north east along The Grove until it joins Station Road (A191). The boundary follows Station Road east for a short distance before using the metro line to complete the boundary.

Within this proposed ward there is a mixture of housing types, predominately family homes, including Victorian Terraces in South Gosforth and 1950's semi-detached homes in the south of the ward. There are also large areas of open space, including Paddy Freeman's Park and Jesmond Dene. The communities are well established in this area. There are good transport links to the city centre and beyond through the bus network and Metro Station and residents also access the shopping facilities on Station Road. This w


This is substantially the existing Parklands Ward which will eventually include some new-build in the north of the ward.


The proposed north boundary uses the Metro line from Wansbeck Metro Station to the Great North Road, continuing briefly north before turning east after the large supermarket and before Harewood Road / Links Green (excluded). It continues east along Gosforth Golf Course (excluded), including the residential properties on Fernwood Avenue and Briarwood Avenue then south along the Ouseburn until the Metro line. From here it follows the Metro line south west on to Station Road and continues south west on The Grove until it meets Great North Road / Gosforth High Street. Here it turns west briefly on to Elmfield Road, then north on Linden Road and west again on Hawthorn Road West, Beechfield Road and Meadowfield Road. It then runs north between Northfield Road (excluded) and Wolsingham Road (included) until Salters Road where it turns west. Finally, it heads north on Kenton Road, Wansbeck Road South and Wansbeck Road North, completing the boundary.

Gosforth High Street runs through the centre of the proposed ward, bringing the communities on either side together. The schools, restaurants and independent shops and large shops on this road are popular as well as the Regent Centre and large supermarkets. There are a range of housing types, predominately privately owned. The distinct Coxlodge community is within this ward where there are pockets of local authority owned homes. There are good transport links with two Metro stations and bus routes on the main roads.


The proposed ward is bounded by Nuns Moor / Newcastle United Golf Course and Town Moor to the west and south. From the south east corner (Exhibition Park) the east boundary runs north on Great North Road, turning west briefly on to Elmfield Road, before turning north on Linden Road and the west again on Hawthorn Road West, Beechfield Road and Meadowfield Road. It then turns north running between Northfield Road (included) and Wolsingham Road (excluded) until Salters Road where it turns west until Kenton Road. Here the boundary heads north on Kenton Road, turning off west between Mountfield Gardens (included) and Kirkwood Drive (excluded). The boundary then turns south down Halewood Avenue and west on Kenton Lane, then south between Cowgate estate and Nuns Moor, completing the boundary.

This includes a large area of open space to the south and diverse communities to the north. There are large semi-detached properties along the edge of the Nuns Moor, smaller housing at Ashburton and older people's accommodation. The proposal includes the distinct community in the terraces to the north of Kenton Lane to achieve electoral equality. There are no Metro stations in this ward and however there is relatively high car ownership and good pedestrian links to the city centre. To the south of the ward there are large open spaces on Nuns Moor, including the Newcastle United Golf Course and the Town Moor.