As momentum towards referendum campaign builds

February 18, 2016 7:23 AM

Paddy Ashdown writes : The starting pistol will shortly be fired, so make no mistake - this is the fight of our lives.

There is a strange mood in our country today. We know that very soon we shall be confronted with the most important decision we have faced in a generation. If we are to secure the UK's future prosperity, now is the time for action.
We must not for a moment believe that that the rightness of our argument will be self-evident to our fellow citizens. We have a massive task ahead making the argument as to why we are stronger in Europe and the dangers not just to our economy but to the cohesion of the United Kingdom itself should we leave. This isn't the legacy we want our generation to be remembered for.
Being part of Europe protects the rights of families, workers and minorities. It creates and supports jobs, while boosting the economy. Together we are taking great strides towards tackling carbon emissions and global warming.
We simply cannot afford to pursue a course of isolationism and put at risk the economy, the UK's influence on the world stage, and our national security.
Those who want to take us out of Europe, including UKIP, have been preparing for this day for years. They are well-funded and well-resourced. If we are to stand any chance of beating them we need your help.

What can you do to help?

Please donate whatever you can afford to the campaign. We have local activists in branches across the country and we've set up student groups in over 40 universities.

The European Movement has launched Environmentalists For Europe, Communities For Europe, Students For Europe and Creatives For Europe - and we are actively supporting others as well. Your donation will help us take the battle to people's doorsteps in Newcastle.

Please send whatever you can afford to Newcastle Liberal Democrats Development Fund, c/o 5 Rudby Close, Whitebridge Park, Gosforth, Newcastle upon TYne NE3 5JF or transfer to Yorkshire Bank in Newcastle, account number 43330072, sort code 05-06-23

This is how we can win.

With many thanks

Paddy Ashdown

The Right Honourable Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon

As well as being a former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Paddy is also President of the European Movement. We hope to see him in Newcastle when the EU Referendum campaign kicks off, and will make sure that donors get the chance for a photograph with him!