Don't fail child refugees says Save the Children

February 19, 2016 11:23 AM
By Peter Morris, European Movement

Statistics referenced by the House of Commons suggest that 0.26 percent of total UK child benefit claims are paid to EU migrants whose children live in another EU member state. 0.09 percent of all child tax credit claims are made by families with children residing in another EU member state, according to a blog by UURIINTUYA BATSAIKHAN in Breugel:

Ireland could be allowed to limit welfare benefits to migrant workers from other European Union member states under a proposal under consideration by the European Commission last night ahead of a key EU summit on Britain's membership of the bloc, the Irish Times reports:

The European Commission wants to establish a new Dublin System reports EurActiv. Ahead of the EU summit, the Commission announced its intention to set up a new system of receiving refugees:

At the EU summit, Europe's leaders cannot fail child refugees. The freedoms and prosperity of the continent are on the line, writes Ester Asin Martinez,Director and the EU representative of Save the Children, in an op-ed in EurActiv:

About 900 migrants have been rescued near the Greek island of Lesbos, the EU border agency Frontex has said. The migrants were picked up by a Bulgarian ship working in Frontex patrols between the port of Mytilene on Lesbos and the Turkish coast, a distance of around eight kilometres, EUobserver reports:

Would that EU leaders were prepared to invest such energy in genuinely transforming the Union's creaky, imperfect democracy, as they are investing in Cameron's merry dance, writes the Irish Times in an editorial:

David Cameron's crucial European Union summit was only a few hours old but British newspapers had already made up their minds about the outcome, according to Bloomberg:

With thanks to Peter Morris, European Movement