At last Corbyn gets involved with Referendum campaign

April 9, 2016 4:49 PM

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will make a long-awaited intervention in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU next week, amid growing concern in Westminster that angry working-class voters may hand the Leave campaign an unlikely victory following a series of political controversies which have rocked the government, reports Politico:

Millions Of Labour And TUC Votes Need To Be Won To Defeat Brexit, writes Denis McShane in Social Europe:

The Labour Party holds the key to Britain's EU referendum, according to an op-ed written by an academic in EurActiv:

Neither [referendum] campaign has so far been able to claim the people who run small and medium-sized enterprises in the U.K. as their own, turning this constituency into one of the most important battlegrounds for hearts and minds, according to Politico:

The European Commission on Thursday (7 April) set out an action plan on VAT that goes towards more harmonisation and control of cross-border trade and more autonomy for member states to fix taxation rates, reports EUobserver. The aim of the first part of the plan, amid recent revelations of tax avoidance practices, is to make the VAT system "simpler, more fraud-proof and business-friendly":

Germany's interior minister De Maiziere said Friday the country received 21,500 asylum applications in March, German media reported. The figure is a sharp decrease compared to the 61,000 in February and 92,000 in January:

Ukraine will implement its EU treaty despite the Dutch vote because it is good for the country, its president and its EU ambassador have said, reports EUobserver:

The European Commission said Thursday (7 April) it is up to the Dutch government to decide on the next step after Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected the ratification of an association agreement with Ukraine in a referendum on Wednesday, reports EUobserver:

Macedonia dissolved its parliament Thursday, paving the way for early elections that are part of the European Union's efforts to stabilize the Balkan country engulfed by ethnic unrest and political crisis, reports Politico:

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will set aside a dedicated part of the Juncker Plan to target broadband funding in rural areas, according to sources, reports EurActiv: