EU to help fight Yellow Fever in Angola

May 13, 2016 10:20 AM

European migration has not had a negative effect on the wages and job prospects of British nationals, according to new research carried out by the London School of Economics…"The big falls in wages after 2008 are due to the global financial crisis and a weak economic recovery, not to immigration," the report states, adding that "EU immigrants pay more in taxes than they take out in welfare and the use of public services". See the full report here:

ULSTER SAYS 'OH NO:' The U.K.'s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Elizabeth Truss warned that Northern Irish exports are in danger if the U.K. leaves the EU. That's because 83 percent of Northern Irish exports go to the EU - and exports to Ireland alone account for 65 percent of that. "If we were to leave the EU, Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K. would not be able to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland's farmers would have no certainty on cross trade arrangements," said Truss. Northern Ireland is about 3 percent of the U.K.'s population, which might explain why British politicians are only just waking up to the pandemonium that will ensue for the province should voters choose to leave the EU, comments Politico Morning Agri and Food:

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes the U.K. leaving the EU would be catastrophic but he has no plans to campaign personally in Britain because the institution he leads is so unpopular there, he said Thursday. Politico reports:

Consumer organisations are backing the European Commission against some EU member states over the protection of digital subscriptions abroad, reports EurActiv. Some states want to limit access to subscriber content, such as films and music, when travelling abroad. Member states' permanent representatives will discuss a new compromise aimed at bridging the differences between the Commission's text today (13 May), in favour of full access to the content subscribers paid for when they are on holiday or a business trip, and a proposal to impose a maximum number of days for the portability of the online subscription:

The European Parliament approved a resolution calling on the Commission to mandate country-of-origin labels for milk and meat, reports Politico Morning Agri and Food…A European Parliament press release drew attention to Eurobarometer polls showing a large majority of Europeans in favor of origin labeling. It also drew attention to the fact that previous non-binding resolutions have been more or less ignored by the Commission, which is worried about the impact on food businesses:

The Franco-German powerhouse took the helm of ongoing ambitions to modernize the EU's trade defense system, with a joint letter to [EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia] Malmström on "reforming" trade defense, reports Politico Morning Trade:

EU PARLIAMENT ASKS COMMISSION NOT TO GRANT MARKET ECONOMY STATUS TO CHINA: Some 546 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, with 28 against and 77 abstentions, reports Politico Morning Trade. "This vote sends a strong signal that the European Parliament will not accept any measures that weaken our ability to defend ourselves from unfair Chinese competition," said Socialist MEP David Martin, the lawmaker who pushed the resolution:

The EU is to send its new European Medical Corps on its first ever mission - to help tackle the outbreak of yellow fever in the West African state of Angola, reports EurActiv:

Turkey will have to reform its anti-terrorism laws or the planned visa-free deal with the EU will fall apart, EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said. EUobserver reports:

The ten myths that stand in the way of Europe's ability to address its decline include Europe being rich, strong, over-crowded, or technologically advanced, writes Giles Merritt in Politico:

ALEX STUBB ON THE EU: "Dag Hammarskjold said that the U.N. was not set up to take us to heaven but to save us from hell. The same is true in many ways of the European Union." The former Finnish Prime Minister and current finance minister, facing a challenge from within his party that could see him removed from office, won't let the populist tide push him back from pro-EU rhetoric, reports Politico:

However, the Daily Express's rhetoric is different: "Meddling EU planning a BAN which could spell the end of sex toys and kinky underwear":