Blue House roundabout protest this afternoon

August 21, 2016 9:16 AM

The Journal published this article yesterday

but there's been a small change on police advise and on expectations of potential higher numbers of people attending than expected.

Please assemble at Little Moor, at the junction with Moorfield, for 2pm, where the rally will take place. Please do not gather on Dukes Moor as you may disturb the cattle.
There are no restrictions to the normal use of the public highway, therefore if coming to the rally by car, you are advised that you must park in a safe location. Pedestrians should observe normal road safety when crossing to the rally.
The police ask that no-one obstructs the public highway, either by vehicular or pedestrian means, so we ask people to act responsibly.

We look forward to seeing people concerned that of the 70 options considered, this is the most wrong - so much of our open space must not be sacrificed in this way.