The value of a child's life

November 8, 2016 10:20 AM

Crossing wardens : update on two questions posed to Council officials by Liberal Democrat councillors about the costs of death or injury to children

Has the proposal to remove school crossing wardens factored in the risk of a fatality?

The provision of a school crossing patrol is not a statutory service. The council delivers this service at its discretion and the responsibility for any child's safety on the way to and from school remain with their parents or carers. The current regulations state that School Crossing Patrols should operate "at such times as the Authority thinks fit". Should the Council consider that there is a significant risk to pedestrians crossing at a particular location then we could consider the introduction of formal crossing facilities such as a push button controlled facility or a zebra crossing.

What's the actuarial value of a child's life?

Department for Transport statistics…/reported-road-casualties-great-britain… RAS60001 Average value of prevention (figures £ 2015 prices)

Accident/casualty type Cost per casualty Cost per accident
Fatal 1,783,556 2,005,664
Serious 200,422 229,757
Slight 15,450 24,194
Average for all severities 53,878 76,466
Damage only - 2,142

1 The costs were based on 2015 prices and values
2 The number of reported road accidents were based on 2015 data

How many children nationally killed annually crossing roads going to and from school? Are there any accident stats for Newcastle?

Over the last 5 years, there have been 1,612 child KSIs (Killed and Seriously Injured) nationally and 13 in Newcastle. There is no national collection of data to record the numbers of child KSIs for children going to or from school.

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