Protect student exchanges in the North East after Brexit

January 28, 2017 3:12 PM

Opportunities for people in the North East of England to study and train abroad must be protected during the Brexit negotiations, the Liberal Democrats have said, on the 30th anniversary of the EU's Erasmus programme.
The exchange scheme has benefited 4836 students and apprentices in the region since 2007.
Over 6000 were expected to benefit in the new expanded programme in the coming years, thanks to grants to cover tuition, travel and living costs.
Over 10,000 people have backed a petition launched by the Liberal Democrats calling on the Government to protect participation in Erasmus in the Brexit negotiations which can be found HERE.
Brexit Spokesperson for the North East Fiona Hall commented:
"Thousands of students and apprentices in the North East of England have benefited from Erasmus, giving them the chance to learn a new language, discover a new culture and make lifelong friends abroad.
"Young people voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. A destructive, hard Brexit that robbed them of this unique chance to study or train abroad would be deeply unfair.
"The Government must fight to defend the UK's participation in Erasmus in the negotiations ahead.
"Failing to do so would be a betrayal of the thousands of young people in the North East who would otherwise benefit from the exchange programme in the coming years.
"The Liberal Democrats are the real voice of opposition, holding this Conservative Brexit government to account and fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."