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Newcastle upon Tyne Liberal Democrats

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Liberal Democrats support Freedom of Newcastle upon Tyne for RAF Boulmer

February 1, 2017 10:38 PM

It's a huge pleasure to support the award of the freedom of the great city of Newcastle upon Tyne to RAF Boulmer, currently our closest RAF Station, in this the centenary year of the Royal Air Force, Cllr Robin Ashby told a meeting of the City Council

Personally I'm delighted because my grandmother was a founder member of the Women's Royal Air Force during the Great War. And I note that currently the highest ranking woman serving in the Armed Forces is an Air Vice Marshall in the RAF

RAF Boulmer has been key to us in wartime, helping in the air defence of Tyneside.

In peace, the station and its personnel have been significant in the Quick Reaction Alerts, which respond 24/7 to provocative incursions into UK airspace by the Soviets and recently the Russians.

And many in the hills or on the sea have cause to be grateful to the search and rescue helicopters launched from RAF Boulmer.

Cllr Shepherd would have liked to have spoken, but felt that as ex Royal Navy he'd have to poke fun at the youngest Service. So as an RAF brat wearing an RAF supporters tie I'll do it for him.

Navy types like him are never happier than when they're in a steel box pitching up and down.

Army people - the pongoes as the RAF affectionately calls them - are never happier than when sleeping in a tent.

The RAF however are never happier than when they're staying in a four star hotel.

So as Newcastle has the closest four star hotel, we have a symbiotic relationship with RAF Boulmer - we accommodate them as they prefer, they fly to serve us and save us when we need them