Killingworth Road - first phase nearing completion

September 10, 2018 4:59 PM

Killingworth RdThe long-delayed Northern Gas Networks' works being carried out at Killingwoth Road, which have caused it to be closed for many months, now seem to be reaching a conclusion.

Local councillors have been told : "NGN engineers will be working extra hours on site to ensure the project remains on schedule and they can leave the site as planned on October 26th. This means they'll be there seven days a week, up to 12 hours each day (weather permitting).

"This week, NGN engineers have continued working on the site and pipes have begun to be laid. The low pressure pipe has been installed and has been tested for 37 hours to ensure the supply is safe and working correctly. This section of the project will be completed by September 14.

"Work will then move on to testing the medium pressure pipe which has been already been laid and will be connected to the gas network. This section is due to be completed by September 28.

"NGN Engineers have also completed excavations for the third and final pipeline (the intermediate pressure pipe). They will start to install the pipeline and carry out safety tests with a planned completion date of October 12.

"The entire NGN project will be completed by October 26 but the council have other work ongoing onsite which is not due to be completed until early 2019. "

You can see more pictures from the site at: