Brexit will hurt us all - it's official

November 29, 2018 12:26 PM

Lord Shipley - Brexit

The Bank of England and the Treasury have concluded that Brexit - with or without a deal - will leave the UK poorer, less productive and with an economy smaller than if we had stayed in the European Union.

The Treasury assessment of Theresa May's deal assumes a rapid transition to a frictionless trade deal with the EU and other free trade arrangements with third-party countries, but the prospect of these negotiations happening quickly is wildly optimistic.

In reality the Conservatives' deal could leave the UK much worse off than even these dour assessments forecast. The Conservative Government must stop using fears of no-deal to pretend that its deal will be good for the economy. It is time for the people to have a final say on the deal, with the option to remain.

Labour must give unequivocal guarantee they will back a People's Vote

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has suggested it is "inevitable" another EU referendum will be called if Labour are not able to force a general election.

Labour leadership must get off the fence now. There is no deal that will protect jobs and the economy as well as the current deal the UK has within the EU. The public will never forgive Labour if they lose their bottle on a People's Vote and enable Theresa May's damaging Brexit deal.

Liberal Democrats can guarantee the public in Newcastle, who voted to Remain, that we will fight for them to have the final say, including the option to remain. Labour should give that unequivocal guarantee too.

Liberal Democrat peer and former Leader of Newcastle City Council Lord Shipley says "My colleague in the House of Commons, our Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has written to the Speaker to submit a formal complaint in light of the Conservative Government's intention to obstruct the full publication of their legal analysis on Brexit.

"Refusing to publish legal advice on Brexit not only makes a mockery of the discredited mantra 'Take Back Control' but is an insult to Parliament and the people MPs represent. The Government's political shenanigans suggest the Tories have something to hide.

"People deserve better, and the Liberal Democrats demand better. The best way to avoid a Brexit mess is with a People's Vote, including the option to remain in the EU."