Backing Brunswick tip campaign

January 26, 2019 3:43 PM

Brunswick tip (Newcastle Liberal Democrats)Liberal Democrats Councillors in the north of Gosforth today showed their support for keeping open the Brunswick tip (Household waste and recycling centre)

Pictured here are Parklands and Castle wards councillors Pauline Allen, Phil Lower, Anita Lower (Opposition Leader) David Down and Robin Ashby plus local campaigner Christine Morrissey.

Christine said "This is a vital facility in the north of the city, with an important role in helping to meet recycling targets. Local people also rightly fear an increase in fly tipping if it's closed next year under Labour's planned budget cuts."

Robin recalled "We were told there were no such closure plans. A few days later they were announced. So we can't trust assurances - we want to see the idea deleted from the Budget which the full Council will be discussing in March."