Keep the cash machines say Liberal Democrats

February 19, 2019 10:41 AM

ATM cash machineThe Liberal Democrats in Newcastle are backing calls from consumer rights charity, Which?, for a regulator to protect access to cash following new analysis revealing a rapid decline in cashpoints.

New figures obtained by Which? show cashpoints disappeared at a rate of 488 per month between June 2018 and December 2018 with over 250 free-to-use machines also closing monthly.

Christine Morrissey said on behalf of Newcastle Liberal Democrats :

"This research will be especially concerning for people in smaller communities right across the country, such as those to the west of the A1, who depend on being able to access cash when they need it, without having to trek into the nearest big commercial centre.

"People deserve better. Conservative Ministers in Whitehall need to appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with or able to use digital payments and online banking. For many, cash is still king. These closures will mean rural areas and outlying villages in particular are being left behind.

"Liberal Democrats demand better. That is why we are backing the call from Which? for a regulator to ensure that no one is left unable to access their own money when they need it."

Exact closure figure are as follows:

  • Free-to-use over 6 month period, 254 a month, with overall losses of 1524.
  • All cashpoints over 6 month period, 488 a month, overall losses of 2,962.
  • All cashpoints over a year, 391 a month, with overall losses of 4,692.