Justice for families in hospital deaths inquiry

April 30, 2019 3:20 PM

Former MEP Fiona Hall and Dr Aidan KingToday, police have launched a formal investigation into the deaths of hundreds of patients who died at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital, following a review set up by Liberal Democrats former Health Minister Norman Lamb. It has been welcomed by Dr Aidan King, Liberal Democrats councillor for Castle Ward in Newcastle (seen hereb with former MEP Fiona Hall).

"This will come as an enormous relief to so many families who have been left totally devastated by the loss of loved ones at Gosport Hospital. Bishop James Jones' panel uncovered a quite horrific scandal - at least 460 people lost their lives as a result of totally inappropriate prescribing of opioids,.

"Families were left ignored and in the dark for far too long. It is vital that justice is now done. The Government must ensure that the police have the resources to rigorously and urgently pursue this inquiry."