Tory cuts have led to a social care crisis

July 1, 2019 10:09 PM
Cllr Dr Nick Cott 2019One of the most important issues facing society is the growing crisis of funding for adult social care. Councils up and down the country are struggling to deal with growing demand and the Government seems incapable of coming up with appropriate solutions, despite the obvious need to address under-funding for the long-term.
The problems have again come into focus recently with the release of a report by Healthwatch England which shows that that councils across England are struggling, in particular, to meet key legal duties in social care services for people with dementia.
Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Newcastle North, Dr Nick Cott (pictured), said: 'Residents in Newcastle North and across the country want to see proper funding for social care. It's a terrible situation to see authorities struggling to pay for needed services. This Conservative government is tied upon in a Brexit problem it has made for itself - so sapping any enthusiasm for dealing with the issues - and has no real insight into addressing the needs of some of our most disadvantaged people. We all will know people who need additional help - neighbours, family - etc.
'Liberal Democrats demand better and want to see a penny in the pound on income tax to directly invest in social care as a first step to address the funding problems. For the long-term, we need cross-party consensus about a new way to deliver social care.'