Tories recycle 2015 failed pledge on GPs - Brexit exit of EU doctors and nurses making things worse

November 9, 2019 11:30 PM

"The latest Tory announcement of 5000 new General Practitioner doctors by 2024 is a rehash of a similar one made in 2015 which they've failed to start delivering. It takes 10 years to train a GP. But we need more doctors now, " said Newcastle Liberal Democrats health professionals Dr Wendy Taylor, Dr Aidan King and Ali Avaei.

Dr Wendy Taylor

Dr Aidan King Ali Avaei"While training up more GPs is vital in the long term, we need to see immediate action to strengthen our NHS. The threat of Brexit is already impacting the NHS. Currently 4% of our GPs have qualified in the EU, and some are already leaving us. With overall GP numbers falling and the average waiting time for non-urgent appointments now over two weeks, we cannot afford to lose a single GP from the EU.

"The Conservative's new Nurse Tax will discourage health professionals trained in the EU from coming to work in the UK. The importance of international recruitment for the NHS, which is already struggling with 100,000 vacancies, cannot be overstated.

"Brexit, along with the Conservatives' damaging immigration policies, would harm the NHS. A Liberal Democrats government will stop Brexit and build a brighter future that supports our hardworking nurses and doctors."