Local pharmacist defends their vital role as Tory Govt has cut their funding in real terms - UK provision only two thirds of EU average, yet still local closures

December 1, 2019 10:12 PM

Ali Avaei and pharmacy campaignThe Conservative Government has cut the funding to community pharmacy by more than 20% in real terms. This is another example of hostile Tory approach toward our public services.

Ali Avaei, a pharmacist and Liberal Democrats candidate for Newcastle Central explained : "By the government's own estimates, a quarter of pharmacies could end up closing as a result of these cuts. This has already had an impact in my constituency of Newcastle upon Tyne Central with two pharmacies having closed already.

"At a time that our GP services are under increasing pressure, pharmacies play a vital role in easing the pressure on our GP services as well as our Walk-In Centres and Accident & Emergencies.

"Some local authorities have stepped in to help by providing funding for local services such as minor ailments schemes, but this alone does not address the huge burden that the pharmacy sector is facing.

"Access to pharmacies in the UK is currently one of the worst amogst most developed nations (2.2 pharmacies per 10,000 people vs 3.3 EU average). Our primary care services such as GP and pharmacy services are woefully funded, which is a typical of a Tory government that has very little interest in paying for the bettering the standards of universal public services. The Tories have systematic approach in reducing access to our healthcare services. They will most likely use the resulting ineffectiveness of such services as an excuse to further privatise our vital NHS services, which is totally unacceptable and which we will continue to oppose."