Tories refuse to give EU citizens living and working here a voice on their future

December 9, 2019 10:05 PM

Tom Brake"The Conservatives want to deny EU citizens yet another right: the right to a say in their future in the UK by taking part in a People's Vote", Liberal Democrat Shadow Brexit Secretary, Tom Brake says. "They have been perfectly happy to use EU citizens' rights as a political football for years yet refuse to give them a say in a potential People's Vote. It's hardly surprising from the party responsible for the Windrush scandal.

"Meanwhile, Labour are hypocritically pandering to EU citizens, telling them they would support their right to vote in a future referendum, while at the same time supporting Brexit. They have shown once again they can't be trusted.

"A Liberal Democrats government will stop Brexit. We will make sure EU citizens continue to feel welcome in their home: the UK. We will continue to protect their rights and give them their voice in any future People's Vote."