Damaging agenda for UK ignores need for radical climate action

December 19, 2019 2:25 PM

Ed Davey at march"Boris Johnson's government have set out a disastrous agenda which will force through a hard Brexit, undermine our public services, destroy opportunities for our communities and cripple living standards. Brexit will hinder our ability to safeguard our NHS and reduce our capacity to tackle the climate crisis," said Liberal Democrat Acting Leader Ed Davey on hearing the Queen's Speech.

"The fact that radical climate action for our children and children's children has been ignored is a hallmark of a government which is setting all the wrong priorities. Boris Johnson has the votes to secure much-needed legislation to reduce emissions by insulating our homes, investing in renewables and increasing uptake of electric vehicles, but he clearly doesn't care about our planet.

"The Liberal Democrats will continue to scrutinise this Conservative government, hold Boris Johnson to account and fight for the liberal, inclusive, compassionate society we want to see."