Engagement not drone strikes - Foreign Secretary's blank-cheque defence of Trump not in the UK's interests says Liberal Democrats' Leader

January 5, 2020 12:04 PM

"Dominic Raab's lapdog defence of Donald Trump's reckless action against Iran is seriously misguided and not in Britain's best interests," Liberal Democrats Acting Leader Ed Davey said following Dominic Raab's appearance on BBC TV this morning,

"The United States' so-called strategy with Iran and across the Middle East is so incoherent and inconsistent that it is making the search for peace and security far more problematic. So it is a huge mistake for the Foreign Secretary to give Trump a blank cheque of unequivocal support, especially when the Government was not even consulted before this action and this could backfire badly against Britain.

"Iran is a dangerous regime but the Middle East has never really recovered from the illegal and disastrously judged Iraq War, when the Conservatives also unwisely backed US military intervention.

"Britain should be telling Washington it needs to totally change its policy of maximum pressure and urgently re-focus on the previously successful strategy of engagement led by President Obama."