Sources of information on coronavirus implications for Newcastle

March 18, 2020 5:42 PM


  • Council Corona updates
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  • Local elections
  • Metro services
  • Voluntary responses
  • Contacting carers
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The situation changes every day. So Newcastle City Council has created a dedicated page to keep you updated of coronavirus developments in Newcastle. Click here or visit

This includes the latest update from Newcastle's Director of Public Health.

If you don't follow the council already you can do so on Twitter @NewcastleCC and Facebook @NewcastleCityCouncil

The Council is working on contingency plans to keep services going for everybody. But you may not get responses as quickly or completely as in the past. If you have a problem, wherever possible please email it to rather than phoning the Civic Centre.


NHS coronavirusParents of premature babies are instructed in the 20-second handwashing routine before they are allowed to touch their new babies. Handwashing - with old fashioned soap - actually is effective if you leave it on your skin for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. (So don't worry that there's been a run on hand sanitizer - there maybe even Christmas presents to be used up)

In essence it breaks down the outer layer of the virus. It's not a cure-all but certainly is a significant risk reducer.

As the virus can also live a while on surfaces, people are washing their hands before and after meetings and visits to new places, and like Her Majesty, wearing gloves when they can. It's cold outside anyway!

Keep washing, stay healthy - Gezuntheit as the Germans say.


City Council elections and elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner will not go ahead this May and have been postponed for one year. Those who were up for election will continue in post for another 12 months


Information about the latest on public transport can be found at

MetroMetro services are operating to a reduced timetable as part of measures to reflect the spread of Coronavirus.

All additional peak hour services between Pelaw and Monkseaton or South Gosforth will be cancelled. In addition there may be additional core train services not operating to timetable due to driver resource availability.

Metro will otherwise operate a normal timetable on services between Airport and South Hylton, and South Shields and St James, throughout the day and evening.

Extra cleaners have been taken on to make sure trains and stations are cleaned and disinfected constantly. New cleaning regimes were introduced at the start of March, focused on hand rails, train poles and ticket machine screens touched more frequently by passengers.


Volunteers and voluntary groups are springing up offering help - as indeed existing groups are. As with all such things, most people are lovely community-minded helpers. But a few rogues might take advantage. If you have any doubts, ask us at

You can also contact Volunteering Matters (formerly Community Service Volunteers) on 07419 988821 if you're able to offer help as a local volunteer


You can contact trained carers 24 hours a day 7 days a week via the Ostara community alarm service on 0191 277 7470 or via email


Newcastle residents should do all they can to follow with official advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England. This can be found online at (please note that guidance may change day to day)

Please bear in mind that the expected spike in cases in coming weeks and months will place great pressure on the NHS. It will be important to try to avoid using NHS resources unless it's a NHS logogenuine emergency and/or coronavirus is suspected (current advice is to avoid all non-essential travel)

HMRC helpline for small businesses and self-employed people concerned about not being able to make tax payments as a result of coronavirus 0800 0159 559