Higher Government debt mustn't mean cuts to vital public services - we need the Liberal Democrats' Green Recovery Plan to create good-quality jobs and economic growth

July 22, 2020 8:46 PM

As Government borrowing for June hit £35.5 billion - around five times more than the same month last year - Cllr Robin Ashby from Newcastle Liberal Democrats commented

We agree that i Cllr Robin Ashbyn an unprecedented economic challenge like the coronavirus pandemic people must come before the numbers. Any Chancellor should go beyond normal borrowing to help protect peoples' health and livelihoods.

"What the Government must now make clear is that, after Covid, higher debt will not and must not mean cuts to vital public services or less investment for our crumbling infrastructure - especially in the parts of the UK that need it most like the North East.

"Liberal Democrats stand firm that we must grow our way out of this crisis with a Green Recovery Plan that will invest billions to transform our economy, fight climate change and create millions of good-quality jobs."