Male suicide - the silent killer. It's OK to seek help for your mental health

September 3, 2020 2:22 PM

Mental health amongst men is a huge problem and still very much stigmatised Cllr Ali Avaei at Newcastle City Council.

Covid-19 has caused great disruptions within all aspects of our lives; it has disrupted the normal day to day routine of most people. This has left many people in difficult situations, Liberal Democrats Cllr Ali Avaei has told Newcastle City Council.

"Sadly, many men still fail to seek help even at times that their mental health reaches a critical stage.Suicide amongst men is at a 20 year high which is a very worrying trend. Higher suicide rates among men might be due to economic hardship, isolation, and alcoholism. These problems have all been exacerbated by COVID 19 pandemic, which makes addressing the funding of mental health provisions an even more pressing matter.
"The government must recognise these issues. More needs to be done to highlight the severity of the problem. More funding into mental health programmes and support need to be offered.
"Suicide is the 10th biggest killer worldwide. It is a silent killer it often happens when people least expect it, leaving families and communities devastated. As a Local Authority we also need to do more to highlight that people are not alone during tough times.
We must do all we can to reduce the stigma around male mental health and let everyone know it is OK to seek help."