"Lift the ban" petition presented to Government - Can you hear all 181,399 of us @pritipatel?

October 26, 2020 8:53 PM

People seeking asylum are being frozen in poverty because they are banned from working. This doesn't make sense. The campaign to lift the ban on asylum seekers working while their claims are considered, signed by over 180,000 people, was handed in to the Home Office last week.

At the Newcastle City Council meeting on October 20th Cllr Robin Ashby proposed an amendment to motion to permit asylum seekers to work while claim heard, urging people to support this petition to Parliament to that effect. Because the "guillotine" had fallen, the motion and amendement were accepted so Robin (seen here when he supported the petition at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference last year) did not delivery these pre-prepared remarks

Robin Ashby - Lift the BanLord Mayor - I propose a supportive amendment which advocates something everyone in our City of Sanctuary can do to help achieve the objectives of the motion. And I am grateful that Cllr Kilgour has agreed to regard it as friendly.

It is absurd that skilled people cannot use their skills for the benefit of society while their applications to join us grind slowly through the mill of bureaucracy.

It is idiotic that people who have endured hardship and danger should now be oppressed by the state so they cannot make any contribution to supporting themselves.

It is tragic that some die of neglect before a verdict is pronounced.

Let us as a compassionate nation allow people to support themselves, to maintain their dignity and self respect. Please support the amendment as another front to make Parliament and the Government do the right thing, the humane thing.