Don't let the Royal British Legion lose out this Remembrance Sunday - please make an online donation

November 3, 2020 11:07 AM

poppyPlease visit to support the campaign being led by veterans in Seaham to raise funds for the Royal British Legion at this most difficult of Remembrance Sundays.

'Stag on in Remembrance' will observe a 24-hour vigil from 11am Saturday 7 November to 11am on Remembrance Sunday at the Terrace Green, Seaham Seafront. Being 'On Stag' is British Army slang for Sentry duty. Come rain or shine; in one-hour stints, veterans will take it in turn to be on watch to commemorate and honour their fallen comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Organiser David McKenna came up with the idea to continue Seaham's tradition of unique remembrance activities while meeting social distancing requirements, he said:

"The lead up to Remembrance Sunday 2020 will be very different. The restriction in sales of poppies from businesses and shops could severely impact fundraising, affecting the support the Royal British Legion can offer to veterans and their loved ones in the years ahead.

"The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal is iconic, they stand with veterans, and as veterans, we will stand by them in this time of need.

"I hope communities will get behind this year's poppy appeal, and support Stag on in Remembrance. Anyone can donate to the fundraising effort by visiting our Go Fund Me page at the address above"