Technical guidance on school exams grading published just days before most schools are due to break up for Easter. - further calls for Wiliamson to resign

March 24, 2021 10:24 PM

Christine Morrissey Grange schoolOfqual has published its rules for awarding GCSE, AS, A levels, and vocational and technical qualifications this academic year.

It follows two technical consultations earlier this month which sought views on proposed frameworks and associated guidance documents.

The announcement has been met with widespread criticism. Cllr Christine Morrissey, who speaks on education for Newcastle Liberal Democrats, said :

"For those of us who have been at the sharp end of teaching over the past year nothing Gavin Williamson had said regarding exam results reassured us or made us feel our position as professionals was being taken seriously and that we could provide a credible, evidence based teacher grade which is robust and allows progression. The debacle last year caused so much unnecessary stress and anxiety to many students. In an attempt to win back some support from teachers it was agreed we could actually be responsible enough to provide predicted grades, however, this has come at such a late stage it is still causing concern due to the conflicting messages accompanying the decision.

Liberal Democrats Education Shadow Education Secretary Daisy Cooper MP said: "Once again, the Government is showing complete contempt for students and teachers by only publishing the technical guidance on grading just days before most schools are due to break up for Easter.

"The Education Secretary dragged his heels in deciding whether or not to cancel exams and now students and teachers are paying the price.

"Teachers and pupils will have been hoping for some well-earned respite after an incredibly difficult term. Instead they will now be frantically trying to digest this guidance and work out what it will mean for them. A last minute panic which could so easily have been avoided if the Education Secretary had stepped up and shown proper leadership on this issue months ago."

Cllr Morrissey concluded :

"My grading of Mr Williamson's performance during this last year would be -
What went well - absolutely nothing!
Even better if - he resigned"