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Looking Beyond Coronavirus - Reporting Back on Your Views

May 4, 2021 10:34 AM

Many thanks to all the residents who have responded to the Parklands Focus Team survey on the priorities for rebuilding after the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We reported back on the "headlines" in Focus at the beginning of April, but thought you may be interested in the full results.

In the survey, we asked for your views in four areas:

The results are presented in the "pie charts" below. Note that as respondents were asked for THREE priorities, the percentages quoted in the black boxes relate to the percentage of residents indicating that each choice was one of their three priorities.

We are already using the results to inform our campaigns and policies locally, across the city and nationally. In particular:

Supporting businesses and the emerging green economy - many of you want more support for businesses locally, including in our neighbourhoods and Gosforth High Street; rethinking the future of the city centre and support for new industries and the green economy; and national support to protect jobs, create new opportunities and support research and development.

Action to improve transport choices, reduce congestion and air pollution - including improvements to public transport as well as addressing the current measures on Gosforth High Street.

Caring for others - with more spending on social care at home and in care homes and investment in greater resilience for the NHS.

Beyond Covid - Parklands

Beyond Covid - Newcastle

Beyond Covid - City Council

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