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  • Jo Swinson MP
    Article: Aug 19, 2019

    I am determined to do whatever it takes to stop Brexit, and the Liberal Democrats will continue to lead the Remain cause, as the strongest, and most
    consistent party arguing that our best future is in the European Union, says Jo Swinson MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
    In just eleven weeks, however, our country faces an immediate crisis: crashing out of the EU without any deal. The most cavalier and catastrophic of Brexits: putting at risk hundreds of thousands of jobs, public services including our NHS, and even our national security.

  • Cllr Nick Cott
    Article: Aug 18, 2019

    23% of five year olds alone have evidence of tooth decay, according to a report by the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons which calls for sugar free schools as a measure to tackle child tooth decay in England, Newcastle Liberal Democrats Education Spokesperson Dr Nick Cott said: "Having too much sugar in the diet not only leads to tooth decay, but health problems stemming from obesity such as worse mental health and an increased risk of cancer.

    "The dental problems are preventable and yet the Tories are failing to prevent them. Instead Boris Johnson has suggested reversing the sugar tax, whilst those producing this report highlight the sugar tax as a key recommendation in preventing tooth decay in children.

    "Liberal Democrats demand better. In July, Liberal Democrats MP Layla Moran introduced a Bill that would restrict the serving of foods high in fat, salt or sugar in schools and to require all school meals to be free of added sugar by 2022.

  • Disabled badge
    Article: Aug 16, 2019

    An FOI request from the Chronicle shows that Newcastle council's parking income is £25 million since 2017 - £11m a year and £3m in the financial year to date.

    "These figures appear to be significantly higher than the recent RAC Foundation figures about Newcastle's net parking surplus, which suggested an annual £8 million profit by the council. Clearly the council incurs some annual expenditure in provision of car parking facilities, but I would be surprised if this amounted to £3 million, " commented Cllr Greg Stone, who speaks on transport matters for the Liberal Democrats in Newcastle.

  • Cllr Dr Aidan King
    Article: Aug 15, 2019

    "The Government has told the NHS to be ready to start charging EU citizens for treatment immediately after exit day. This policy demonstrates that Boris Johnson has no intention of honouring the promise he made to the 3.6 million EU citizens living in the UK. Both the Leave campaign and the Conservative Government promised that their rights would not change after Brexit, but this policy would deprive more than 2 million of their right to NHS care, free at the point of use," says Dr Aidan King, for Newcastle Liberal Democrats.

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  • Tyne Bridge
    Article: Aug 14, 2019
    "The news that the councils on both sides of the Tyne seem to be no longer considering the possibility of a £12.50 daily charge for the Central Motorway, Coast Road and Gosforth High Street will be a relief to many people, but it isn't immediately obvious that the new proposals comply with the relevant air quality targets. These plans appear to do nothing to improve identified air quality problem areas like Shields Road, the Cradlewell, Gosforth High Street, and the Coast Road," said Cllr Greg Stone, Liberal Democrats opposition spokesperson on transport and air quality.
  • Article: Aug 14, 2019

    "The violent and repressive scenes we are witnessing in Hong Kong are unacceptable," Newcastle LIberal Democrats Cllr Robin Ashby said, responding to the reports that police clashed with pro-democracy protesters when attempting to disperse them at Hong Kong airport.

    "The UK made a promise to the people of Hong Kong in 1997 and we must support the protesters in their fight for democracy and the rule of law.

  • Great North Road, Regent Centre
    Article: Aug 13, 2019

    The number of potholes reported in Newcastle has soared from just over 15,000 to more than 21,000 in the last year. Fixing the backlog is estimated to have a £116 million price tag attached - money the City doesn't have. It will take Government intervention to get this show back on the road! But it's not a "sexy story" for the headline grabbers.

  • Newcastle Civic Centre
    Article: Aug 13, 2019

    The latest version of the booklet: "Where to get benefit and debt advice in Newcastle" is now available on the and also direct from this link: Where to get benefit and debt advice in Newcastle

  • Jane Dodds MP
    Article: Aug 12, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats winner of the Brecon & Radnorshire by election has written for the Metro paper rejecting the Tories' proposals for Brexit