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Gosforth Focus TeamUnder boundary changes, in May 2018 the East Gosforth Ward was devided between three new wards : Gosforth Ward (with part of the previous West Gosforth Ward west of the High Street); Dene and South Gosforth Ward; while Garden Village became part of Parklands Ward.

The Liberal Democrats promise is "service and action all year round" so they would be pleased to hear from you with any queries or suggestions - gosforth@newcastle-libdems.org.uk

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Councillors Surgery

You can also speak to Councillors and other members of the team to raise your query in person at our monthly surgery:

Street Stall on Gosforth High Street (next to BOOTS) - 1st Saturday of each month - 10.00am to 12 noon

where we are also joined by colleagues from West Gosforth and Parklands

  • Covid Tier 4 poster
    Article: Dec 31, 2020

    'People have had mixed messages from the Government, and at times, the Council's political leadership, about the Coronavirus , which have raised expectations that things would get better more quickly. But restrictions during this festive period reveal the seriousness of the situation, and the Council needs to play its part now more than ever. We urge residents to stay safe and remember the basics of hands, face and space at all times,' says Cllr Nick Cott, Liberal Democrats Leader of the Opposition.

  • Dr Nick Cott
    Article: Dec 15, 2020
    'The impact of Brexit is the most major risk affecting our local and regional economy, " said Liberal Democrats Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Nick Cott, after the City cabinet meeting discusses the issue . "The Northeast has potentially the most to lose out of all regions, particularly from a no deal Brexit, which would hit our manufacturing sector and its supply chains hard. The position of our retail and services sectors, given the impact of the Coronavirus, means they are not currently in a position to step in to provide new jobs in the short-term, and we're therefore facing a potential crisis of unemployment.

    'It is imperative that the Council and its partners have a clear and unambiguous plan for mitigating the impact of Brexit on the city.

    'Whilst we recognise that Council Officers have been working hard to put plans in place, the Opposition has some concern that at this late hour Brexit does not appear to have the level of urgent political oversight that could be expected from the Labour administration of the Council. £500,000 was set aside in this year's budget for Brexit, but we have little idea what it has been spent on. Brexit appears to have very little prominence in the papers that were agreed for consultation on the budget. It appears in the Council's strategic risk register, but only under an amber heading, rather than as a red urgent indicator. The information presented to Cabinet is months out of date. Surely, Cabinet should be presented with the risks that are current, not those that were current a few months ago?

    'We are told that the Council can only take responsibility for risks which sit within the remit of the local authority, but this is inconsistent with the treatment of other risks recorded in the strategic register, where the Council reports on its work with partners and appears to exercise its leadership of place."
  • Cllr Phil Hall - bus stop
    Article: Dec 9, 2020

    Newcastle City Council's announcements regarding their intention to "retain" changes to GosforthHigh Street have shocked Liberal Democrats councillors in Gosforth. Despite attempting to engage constructively with the Council on matters of concern, local representatives received no forewarning of these announcements, and have not endorsed them being made permanent in their current form.

  • Rainbow
    Article: Mar 31, 2020

    http The FAQs on the Council website https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/wachCWL3Di4yNpJHBOWn9?domain=newcastle.gov.uk are kept up to date and include information on any disruption to Council services. In particular all waste is due to be collected as programmed, but please check the FAQs on a regular basis to keep informed of any changes.

  • Social distancing
    Article: Mar 25, 2020
    At the current time politics as usual is not appropriate. The utmost priority is the safety and welfare of all Newcastle's citizens and we will work with the council and partner organisations to safeguard this.
    Newcastle Liberal Democrat councillors are working from home to support the community and neighbour networks that have been established in many neighbourhoods in the wards we represent. We aim to ensure that older and vulnerable constituents receive any assistance they need at this time, whilst staying aware of the need to comply with the Government's instructions on staying at home and social distancing - like the gulls in the picture!
  • Cllr Griff Kane
    Article: Dec 22, 2019

    Opposition Liberal Democrats' councillors are in a state of shock as it has become clear that the Labour Administration have failed to fully account for the Climate Emergency in the Council's budget proposals for 2020-21.

    Responding to questioning at the Finance & Budget Monitoring Scrutiny Sub-Committee, Officers admitted that the numerous committees established with great fanfare by Leader of the Council, Cllr Forbes, to address climate and environment matters would have no formal role in feeding into the Council's budget consultation process, and may even report too late to influence the Council's spending priorities for the coming financial year.

  • Cllr Colin Ferguson
    Article: Sep 18, 2019
    Newcastle's Opposition Liberal Democrats have been left shocked after the Labour Leader of Council admitted that there is no Plan B in the event that Government refuses to stump up the cash for the Council's clean air proposals. In response to question from Cllr Ferguson, Labour's Cllr Forbes has been forced to admit that their proposals would be halted, with no alternatives or contingency planning in place.
  • Cllrs Ferguson and Hall 2019
    Article: Sep 5, 2019

    We live in dark times. Our democracy is under threat, Cllr Colin Ferguson (seen here with his colleague Cllr Phil Hall) told Newcastle City Council last night. He went on : Our Government seems more interested in playing party political games and maneuvering for personal advantage than in attempting to heal the deep divisions cutting across society. The various figures at the top of the Tory Party seem pathologically obsessed with driving forward with Brexit, come hell or high water.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2019

    "The news that the councils seem to be no longer considering the possibility of the £12.50 daily charge for the Central Motorway and Coast Road will be a relief to many people, but it isn't immediately obvious that the new proposals comply with the relevant air quality targets", says Cllr Greg Stone, Liberal Democrats opposition spokesperson on transport and air quality. "These plans appear to do nothing to improve identified air quality problem areas like Shields Road, the Cradlewell, Gosforth High Street, and the Coast Road.

  • Idling engines
    Article: Jul 10, 2019

    The effect of car engines idling near schools is under increasing scrutiny. As well as damaging young lings and health, the latest research shows that drivers are poisoning themselves too. Liberal Democrats are campaigning to get drivers to turn off their engines when stopped near schools by persuasion at the moment. This poster outside a local school shows all the problems that arise from the practice of not turning off.