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  • Jo Swinson MP
    Article: Aug 19, 2019

    I am determined to do whatever it takes to stop Brexit, and the Liberal Democrats will continue to lead the Remain cause, as the strongest, and most
    consistent party arguing that our best future is in the European Union, says Jo Swinson MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
    In just eleven weeks, however, our country faces an immediate crisis: crashing out of the EU without any deal. The most cavalier and catastrophic of Brexits: putting at risk hundreds of thousands of jobs, public services including our NHS, and even our national security.

  • Cllr Dr Aidan King
    Article: Aug 15, 2019

    "The Government has told the NHS to be ready to start charging EU citizens for treatment immediately after exit day. This policy demonstrates that Boris Johnson has no intention of honouring the promise he made to the 3.6 million EU citizens living in the UK. Both the Leave campaign and the Conservative Government promised that their rights would not change after Brexit, but this policy would deprive more than 2 million of their right to NHS care, free at the point of use," says Dr Aidan King, for Newcastle Liberal Democrats.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats winner of the Brecon & Radnorshire by election has written for the Metro paper rejecting the Tories' proposals for Brexit https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/03/boris-johnson-my-by-election-win-proves-people-dont-want-your-brexit-10507271/

  • Cllr Dr Aidan King
    Article: Jul 9, 2019

    I'm Aidan and I work as Junior Doctor in the northeast NHS. When I was asked to do this talk I approached my consultant and asked her opinion on Brexit as a preamble to getting her thoughts on the topics I should talk about. Dr Sarah Jordan said "well Aidan, it's not going to be good, and it's going to be even worse for our region, in fact I feel so strongly about it that I joined the Liberal Democrats and ran as a councillor". Wow, I said, so did I.

  • Bollocks to Brexit
    Article: Jun 11, 2019

    "To see the economy shrink by 0.4% - the biggest one-month fall in 3 years - just shows the extent to which the Conservative Government is damaging our economy. It was only being kept going by stock piling for a No Deal Brexit," commented Cllr Robin Ashby, who speaks on the economy and business for Newcastle Liberal Democrats.

    "While business wants reassurance, the last three months demonstrate the immense uncertainty facing businesses, particularly those in export activities. Economically illiterate proposals being touted by the candidates hoping to take over from Theresa May signal that the Tories have abandoned any sense of fiscal responsibility.

    "The Conservatives were warned by Donald Tusk not to waste this time. Yet they continue putting party before country, causing more uncertainty in the process which threatens people's livelihoods right across the country. A new Conservative leader cannot change the parliamentary arithmetic, nor the facts of the negotiations.

  • Ford motor
    Article: Jun 6, 2019

    After yet more closures and redundancies as Ford says their engine plant in Bridgend will close in September 2020 with the loss of 1,700 jobs, Newcastle Liberal Democrats business spokesperson Cllr Robin Ashby said:

    This decision is a devastating body-blow for the thousands of workers who now face redundancy. The UK Government must urgently work with Welsh Ministers to support these employees.

    Like other motor manufacturers including Nissan in our region, Ford's engine plant will not have been immune from the devastation that Brexit is wreaking right across the motor industry and the wider economy. It's time Brexiteers faced up to that. This is not taking control of our economy as they claim.

    People deserve better than this. They deserve an opportunity to reject this mess. That is why the Liberal Democrats are leading the campaign for a People's Vote and the chance to stop Brexit.

  • Brexit posters
    Article: May 21, 2019
    After nearly 30 years as a Labour activist and the last few as a Labour Councillor, I have with a heavy heart decided I will be voting Liberal Democrat in the European Election on Thursday 23rd May.
    I have studied the local and national polls and other election statistics. It has been grim reading and I have found it impossible to see how voting Labour can stop the Brexit Party winning two seats in the North East.
  • EU ballot paper
    Article: May 9, 2019

    Independent experts say that Liberal Democrats are the clear choice for REMAIN in the North East.

    Jeremy Corbyn confirmed today that the Labour party will seek to deliver on Brexit and commit to doing so in their EU Election manifesto. This means that Labour candidates int he region will be bound to Brexit despite their previous campaigning to Remain.

  • Pro EU demonstrators in Newcastle
    Article: Mar 24, 2019

    How the Liberal Democrats have been fighting for your prosperity

    * We said in 2016 - Remain

    * We said in 2017 - Exit from Brexit

    * We said in 2018 - People's referendum

    * We said in 2019 - Revoke Article 50

    Join the 5 million signers and million marchers to send your message to Tory Brexit-liars and Labour Brexit-ditherers.

  • REMAIN 1
    Article: Jan 22, 2019

    Conservative Ministers have bowed to pressure from Liberal Democrats and MPs from across the House and have dropped plans to charge EU citizens £65 per person to register to stay in the UK - several hours after a new website went live!

    "It was abhorrent that people who have worked and contributed to our communities for so long should have to pay to stay at home. However, people will still be worried that Home Office will botch the policy as it has already done with the Windrush scandal, causing so much harm, " said anti-Brexit campaigner Wendy Tayor.

Although the UK has left the EU,

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party is the party for Liberal Democrat values in Europe.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party is the party for liberal democrat values in Europe.

Together with our liberal member parties across the European continent we are translating the principle of freedom into politics, economics and all other areas of our societies. The ALDE Party provides an increasingly vital link between citizens and the EU institutions and is continuously growing in size and significance.

The ALDE Party consists of 67 member parties and thousands of individual members from countries across Europe and is now known as Renew Europe.

For more information see https://alde.eu/en/