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The constituency is formed from eight electoral wards

in the great City of Newcastle upon Tyne :

* Benwell and Scotswood

* Blakelaw

* Elswick

* Fenham

* Kenton

* Westgate

* West Gosforth

* Wingrove

Nick CottCllr Dr Nick Cott will be the Liberal Democrats candidate for the constituency at the General Election on 8th June 2017.

  • Article: Jul 26, 2017
    Lib Dems call on city council to come clean on Clean Air plans for Central Motorway and Tyne Bridge
    Responding to today's Government announcement on clean air, Newcastle's Lib Dem Opposition has challenged the city council's Labour leadership to publicly state its intentions on addressing air quality concerns on the Central Motorway East and Tyne Bridge approach, which has been identified by DEFRA as an air quality hotspot for NOx (nitrous oxide) pollution from traffic congestion emissions
    The city council has been critical in its response to Government consultation, with some justification, over slow progress on introducing a national Air Quality Action Plan in response to tougher EU clean air targets, but the Opposition has drawn attention to Newcastle's own lack of progress on this front, including a decision in 2013 not to introduce a low emissions zone plan for the city centre.
    The Government is requiring Leeds, Birmingham, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham to introduce Clean Air Zones to tackle air quality in these cities, and is encouraging other cities to take action to tackle identified hotspots. It is understood that Newcastle air quality levels are only just above the level of the cities required to act. The city was recently visited by the deputy director of DEFRA to raise concerns over air quality levels in congestion hotspots, and it has been urged to consider implementing a Clean Air Zone centred on the Central Motorway East and potentially including the Quayside. However, the council has yet to make a public statement on this.
    London's Mayor has recently introduced a Clean Air Zone programme in the capital which requires high-emissions freight vehicles to pay a £10 daily charge, although Clean Air Zone guidance does not automatically require introduction of restrictions or charges on private cars.
    The council's existing policies for air quality date from 2006 when under Liberal Democrat control. In 2013 the council commissioned a report by Capita Symons and Newcastle University which recommended against introduction of a city centre low emissions zone on the grounds that costs would exceed revenue, and that "natural replacement" would soon lead to reductions in emission levels. The report also noted that introducing a Low Emissions Zone in the city centre would be contrary to the council's commitment to free parking in the city centre after 6pm.
    The council's existing transport policies seek to reduce vehicle use in the city centre, but the Lib Dems are concerned that this is now contributing to increased congestion and emissions on edge of centre routes like the Central Motorway and Boulevard. They are calling for the city council to clarify its intentions in light of today's Government announcement, and are calling for it to make progress towards restrictions on HGV use in the city centre together with a target for transition away from use of high emission diesel-based public transport such as buses and taxis by 2025 and an environmental impact assessment of the extent to which the council's policies are increasing congestion on the Central Motorway. The party wants to see air quality measures included in a joined up climate change strategy for the city.
    Lib Dem Opposition transport spokesman Cllr Greg Stone said
    "The Labour council leadership boasts of having introduced a new Cabinet position for Transport and Air Quality, but it takes more than a new job title to make progress, and to date, it's done very little.
    We know that DEFRA have challenged the city council on the Central Motorway hotspot, but there has been no public statement of intent on whether the council will act on the Clean Air Zone suggestion. We believe it is in the public interest for the council to set out what it proposes to do in response. The Labour administration has already turned down one opportunity to bring in a low emissions zone in the city centre, and is seemingly blaming poor air quality levels on the Tyne Bridge approach on regional through traffic rather than local traffic. It has also suggested that these levels are not a concern given that there is not a large residential population nearby. This seems strange at a time when they are approving more student accommodation blocks alongside the motorway.
    Technological change will bring benefits over time, but it takes political leadership to move the agenda forward. The Lib Dems have been calling since 2014 for phasing out of petrol and diesel engines by 2040 and both the UK and France are now adopting this target. We invite the council's Director of Public Health and Head of Transport to back our approach to address the harmful effects of poor air quality on public health by requiring the council to act on HGV and public transport diesel emissions. If we don't start this process now, tougher restrictions will be harder to avoid in future."
  • Parks
    Article: Jul 22, 2017

    As Labour boast about two green flags for parks in Newcastle, the reality is an 80% decline in this prestigious mark of excellence since they took over from Liberal Democrats.

  • Metro arena
    Article: Jul 21, 2017
    Gateshead moving forward with convention centre plans including a new Arena is undoubtedly good news for Tyneside, says Cllr Anita Lower, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Newcastle City Council. Securing a convention centre was always an important aspiration for Newcastle's former Liberal Democrat council administration, but the 2008 crash badly affected developer confidence. Under Newcastle's current political leadership, these ambitions have dropped off the agenda.
  • Litter bins
    Article: Jul 21, 2017

    Across the City litter bins are going unemptied as Labour sneaks in its litter bins plans - slashing the number available from 2100 to 800. They won't even tell Councillors which ones will go, where the expensive new bigger ones will be installed. Our fair city is being turned into Labour's filthy one. It's time for a new broom!

  • Northern Creative Solutions
    Article: Jul 20, 2017
    Newcastle's Liberal Democrat Opposition has called on Newcastle City Council to take urgent steps to help numerous community initiatives including community health projects, community arts schemes, and mental health self-help groups to find new accommodation after it was announced that groups using Broadacre House on Market Street East have been served notice to quit by the building's landlords.
  • Cllr John Shipley OBE
    Article: Jul 19, 2017

    Liberal Democrat peer John, Lord Shipley, has spoken in the House of Lords about the north-east of England, its economy and its export dependency on the European Union and what needs to be done to protect the region's interests, and in particular its jobs. He was commenting on the Report from the European Union Committee Brexit: trade in goods, saying:

  • Vince Cable
    Article: Jul 16, 2017

    The Lib Dems are watching and waiting for the Brexit deal to unravel - under Vince Cable, they'll be able to take action

    Cable believes that Jeremy Corbyn will disappoint his younger voters when they realise he is supporting Brexit

    Read the full article here in The Independent http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/vince-cable-liberal-democrats-tim-farron-brexit-referendum-pro-eu-a7841071.html

  • Document: Jul 13, 2017
    132.56 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    The Metro bridge over Killingworth Road to be replaced. Here's a reminder about alternatives while the line is closed

  • Wingrove Bike Garden
    Article: Jul 9, 2017

    There are Bike Trains running from Monday 17th to Friday 21s July to help people avoid the likely disruption during the first few weeks of the Killingworth Road closure.

    Essentially it is a group ride on quiet roads and traffic-free paths starting in Fenham going to the Freeman Hospital / Benton Park View / Quorum depending on who is interested. It would be ideal for staff travelling from near Fenham and Gosforth who want to try cycling but maybe aren't so confident on the road or aren't sure of what routes to take.

  • Article: Jul 6, 2017

    Speaking in the House of Lords, John,Lord Shipley Liberal Democrat (a former Leader of Newcastle City Council) said :
    My Lords, I am grateful to the Minister for repeating the Statement, in which he confirmed that,

    "everyone whose home was destroyed by the fire will be guaranteed a new home on the same terms as the one they lost".

    The Statement then goes on to clarify what that means: "Paying the same rent, with the same level of security and in the same area".

    I suggest to the Minister that there should be a fourth definition: "with at least the equivalent furniture, fittings and decoration at no cost to the tenant".

    I raise this because there are issues around whose insurance policies will pay for furniture and fittings. In my view, that should lie not with the tenant but with the landlord. Even though the Statement overall seems to imply that it includes the substantial cost of furniture and fittings, for the avoidance of doubt the Government should be very clear about this.

    Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Northern Ireland Office), The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government replied:
    My Lords, I thank the noble Lord, Lord Shipley. I have some sympathy with that point. Indeed, when I read the Statement I made a similar point. I think it is inherent in the Statement but I am happy to confirm that not only should the accommodation be at least as good and with as many bedrooms-I understand that in many cases it will be more-but also the furniture and fittings should be of equivalent standard. Perhaps one could go too far in setting that out but that should encapsulate the point the noble Lord wanted.