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Gerry Keating, Deborah Burns, West Jesmond MetroLiberal Democrats have represented North Jesmond Ward for some 21 years and have built a strong reputation for taking up the issues that matter to local people, and keeping in regular touch through the Focus newsletter and through the emailed eFocus. Councillor Gerry Keating leads the team, supported by Deborah Burns, with assistance from former North Jesmond councillors Peter Breakey, Catherine Walker, Ron Armstrong, Lucy Keating and Libby Dicken.

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Gerry Keating, Deborah Burns, Jesmond Library

In normal times we also hold ward surgeries where you can come and meet us. These are held at Jesmond Library, St George's Terrace, on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm, and the 3rd Saturday at 10am (no surgeries held in August).

  • Susan Kramer
    Article: Apr 15, 2021

    The House of Lords has passed a Liberal Democrats amendment that would allow individuals trapped in unaffordable mortgages, known as 'mortgage prisoners', to access mortgages with much fairer rates.

    Mortgage prisoners had their mortgages nationalised after the financial crash (like Northern Rock) and then sold on by the Treasury to vulture funds or inactive lenders, and therefore have been stuck paying what founder Martin Lewis has called "obscene interest rates".

    The amendment, tabled by Liberal Democrats Peer John Sharkey, would require the introduction of a cap on the rates charged to mortgage prisoners and, under specified circumstances, ensure their access to fixed rate interest deals.

    Treasury spokesperson in the Lords for the Liberal DEmocrats, Susan Kramer said:

    "So many stories from mortgage prisoners have been shared with me over the past few weeks, many of them quite frankly heartbreaking.

  • Ed Davey and Ali Avaei
    Article: Apr 6, 2021

    The Liberal Democrats are fighting for a fairer, greener and more caring country where everyone has a chance to get on in life. In a message to Cllr Nick Cott, who leads a 20-strong group of councillors in Newcastle, Ed Davey MP (pictured here with Nick last year in Newcastle) said:

    " I know that local people who vote for Liberal Democrats on May 6th in Newcastle upon Tyne will get strong local champions who will get things done in your important city.

  • Cllr Greg Stone 2021
    Article: Apr 6, 2021

    Opposition Liberal Democrats on Newcastle council are seeking further clarity from the North East Joint Transport Committee and transport bosses on their intentions for a new bus strategy for the region, after the Government's publication of a National Bus Strategy in March. Tyne and Wear has lacked an up to date bus strategy in recent years following the collapse of Nexus plans for a Quality Contract Scheme, and the JTC has not yet set out its full response to the Government's blueprint, having received only a brief update at its last meeting in March.

  • Cllr Anita Lower
    Article: Apr 6, 2021

    Opposition Liberal Democrats councillors in Newcastle are calling on the council to rethink its removal of litter bins from parks, and to draw up a "summer strategy" for the city's parks and green spaces to reduce repeats of the tidal wave of litter affecting many city parks last week.

    They believe the council would save money and improve the appearance of city beauty spots by reinstating some of the bins removed as part of council budget cuts in recent years, suggesting that the cost of emptying bins during warm weather weekends would potentially be less than the cost of large scale clean ups after heavy public use of the parks.

  • Ed Davey and Ali Avaei
    Article: Apr 2, 2021

    After the Government rammed through the Coronavirus Act extension despite unease amongst MPs of all parties, Liberal Democrats Leader Ed Davey MP said: "This vote hands Conservative Ministers a blank cheque to use draconian powers they don't need. I am proud that Liberal Democrats voted against it.

  • Climate Change. Part three of our ‘Plan for the Future’
    Article: Apr 2, 2021

    The UK is due to host the 26th United Nations climate change conference (COP26) in Glasgow from 1-12th November. But there are now reports of a delay to until Spring 2022. Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for the Climate Emergency, Wera Hobhouse MP commented: "Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government for immediate clarification over the potential delay to COP26. It is deeply unfair to leave developing nations in the lurch with so many conflicting reports about the future of the COP.

  • Cable works
    Article: Mar 29, 2021

    Newcastle City Council Permit Team has created a Residents Hub to provide some advice and support specifically targeted at residents across the city who are querying road works.

  • Ed Davey Supports Carers ()
    Article: Mar 22, 2021

    The Government has announced that it will remove parts of the Coronavirus Act that reduce people's rights to care.

    Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said: "Watering down the rights to care for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people was unlawful and unnecessary. Far too many families have seen the hardships of lockdown compounded by having the lifeline of care cut off completely.

  • Cllr Robin Ashby at Parliament
    Article: Mar 20, 2021

    New economic data from the Office for National Statistics show the Government borrowed £19.1bn last month, the highest figure on record for any February ever.

    The figures also show public finances worsened further in February as spending on Covid-19 support continued to grow while tax receipts fell.

  • Cllr Christine Morrissey
    Article: Mar 18, 2021

    It's reported that the the Government is to introduce a shift in eligibility dates which will mean that many children will not benefit from pupil premium funding. Newcastle Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Education, Cllr Christine Morrissey, said:

    "Once again, disadvantaged school pupils are set to lose out as the Tories prioritise penny pinching over proper support.

    "This was raised by the Liberal Democrats weeks ago and Daisy Cooper MP even wrote Gavin Williamson a letter to outline what a serious issue this was.

    "It is shocking and disappointing nothing has been done in the meantime.

    "By moving the goalposts on the entitlement criteria for the 'Pupil Premium', thousands of children whose parents have become unemployed between October and January will not get the crucial support they need.

    "Schools also stand to suffer because of this unnecessary move, forcing an additional financial burden onto them.

    "Liberal Democrats introduced the Pupil Premium because we know how vital it is to target support to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. And it's meant hundreds of thousands of pounds for schools in Newcastle.

    "The Conservative Government must urgently rethink this decision or they run the risk of more disadvantaged children falling behind."