South Jesmond

INTRODUCING TOM APPLEBY, the Liberal Democrats Focus Team candidate in South Jesmond on 6th May 2021

Tom Appleby

I am a 'born and bred' Geordie having lived, worked and been educated the Newcastle. I have attended schools Northumberland, graduated from Northumbria University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics in 2006, again with a The Bachelor of Laws degree in 2011 and currently work in the centre of Newcastle.

I have been active in politics since the 2000's. In 2006 when I lived in Northumberland I was elected to Tynedale District Council for Wylam and served until the authority was dissolved in 2008. I also served on my local Parish Council. I had helped with local campaigns in Newcastle for several years and I also helped set up a Liberal Democrat society at Northumbria University twice, once during my Politics degree and again during my Law degree.

I have worked in numberous roles. Before graduating from my Law degree I have worked in the construction industry in Jesmond, the civil service in Gosforth and the retail sector in the centre of the city. Once graduated I have obtained 10 years legal experience working as a claims handler and paralegal for several solicitor firms.

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